Provisional designations - Discoveries of station 446

The table contains all provisional designations from the corrected (alls IDs from dbl.txt and ids.txt are used) dataset UNNOBS of the Minor planet Center, for which the station 446 has made the discovery observations itself or has assigned a discovery star. Please be aware, that the designation must not be the discovery due to further identifications.

Created at 05-28-2024 22:52:12.

Nr Designation Short Obs start Obs end Int Discovery Sta Obs Own Sta Opp Stars Reason
1 2002 CU116 K02CB6U 2002 02 15 2002 02 15 1 2002 02 15 446 3 3 1 1 446 Rule & star
2 2003 UQ5 K03U05Q 2003 10 04 2014 03 05 3805 2003 10 04 446 41 2 7 3 644 W84 Rule
3 2016 BH50 K16B50H 2003 11 29 2024 05 07 7466 2003 11 29 446 117 5 5 6 446 G96 Rule & star
Sum           3 years     10    

Discovery counts: 1 'only rule' discoveries. 2 'star and rule' discoveries. 3 is the possible sum of discoveries. Unfortunately the station missed 1 discoveries.

Nr: Running number.
Designation: Long designation of the object.
Short: Packed designation of the object.
Obs start: First date for this designation (may be not the first date for object due to prediscovery identifications).
Obs end: Last date for this designation (may be not the last date for object due to later identifications).
Int: Difference between last and first date in days.
Discovery: Date of discovery for this designation.
Sta: Discovery station.
Obs: Number of observations for this object.
Own: Number of own observations for this object.
Sta: Number of stations for this object.
Opp: Number of observed oppositions for this object.
Stars: Stations with discovery stars in all observations of this object. The 'real' discovery station is mostly the first one. Sometimes you must check the details of publication date and the sending date (which you may know, when you sent the data).
Reason: The reason of discovery. Rule is the MPC rule and star means the first asterisk in observations.

This work is made with data from the Minor Planet Center.